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Add SharePoint migrations to your projects at no additional charge with MSPComplete.

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Expand your projects and help improve customer collaboration.

Migrate files in a usable way

Migrating SharePoint files doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming. Want to align file structure and permissions? Automatically migrate SharePoint files, lists and permissions so your customer can use them right away.

Flexible scheduling

Select which files to prioritize for a staged migration. Easily select whether to move them immediately or schedule them to migrate in the future.

Simplify the migration process

Automation helps create cost savings and a safer, error-free process. No customer downtime helps ensure a great experience for end users.

For our partners, the addition of SharePoint migrations also equals additional projects and revenue opportunities through the same solution they already know.

Geeman Yip, Founder & CEO

SharePoint Migrations

SharePoint Migrations

MSPComplete Overview

MSPComplete Overview