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Personal Archive Migration with MigrationWiz

Quickly discover, collect, and migrate numerous personal archive files (PSTs, Google Vault, Exchange, and more) to your selected Destination.

Demo | MigrationWiz for Microsoft 365: Personal Archives

Discover, collect, and migrate personal archive files with the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle.

Demo | MigrationWiz for Microsoft 365: Personal Archives

Migrate Personal Archives with the User Migration Bundle

Double project revenue

Adding personal archives to your migration projects with the User Migration Bundle is an easy way to double your project size and revenue without extra manual work.

Minimal interruptions

Discover, collect, and migrate personal archive files without customer downtime. Maintain message functionality so end users can reply to email that is being exported and archived.

Secure and centralized

Satisfy customers' legal and IT departments with secure, centralized personal archive storage, and reduced security risk.

Purchase the User Migration Bundle

Bundle documents along with mailboxes, and personal archives to increase the profitability of your multi-workload migration project. Or, learn more about migrations with the User Migration Bundle.

Expand project scope and satisfy customers with secure, centralized Personal Archive file storage

Seamless process

Easily discover, collect, and migrate personal archive files without any manual processes. Our automated tasks make discovery and collection painless. Scan user desktops for rapid, seamless discovery and collection of personal archive files. Automatically capture metadata and owners to ensure personal archive files are associated with the correct user and mailbox.

Intuitive UI

Every step of the process is simple to navigate in MigrationWiz—from discovery, collection, and migration to disabling personal archive files on your network after moving the workload.


Decrease project times with faster migration speeds. Our proven technology can help you migrate large volumes of data quickly. Shorten your migration project timelines and delight your customers.

Managing PST files presents significant liability for your customers. There is a big risk in relying on employees to preserve files according to corporate policy, rather than automating the process with technology. Plus, PSTs can be a headache to discover and collect. MigrationWiz makes it easy to discover, collect, migrate, and eliminate PSTs.

Lauren Brunson, Senior Technical Strategist, BitTitan

Supported Personal Archive migration Sources and Destinations




  • MICROSOFT 365 (China)
  • MICROSOFT 365 (Germany)
  • MICROSOFT 365 (Government)

Find out how to bundle personal archives, mailboxes, documents, and remote Outlook configuration with the User Migration Bundle.

Mailbox migration

Migrate mailboxes from nearly any Source to any Destination.

Document migration

Move documents without any downtime or interruption.

Outlook configuration

When Microsoft 365 is your Destination, automatically configure Outlook profiles without ever visiting another device.