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With MigrationWiz, you can easily migrate mailboxes, documents, and personal archives to G Suite all in a single cloud-based migration tool.

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To use MigrationWiz, just sign up, configure your project, and initiate your migration in a matter of minutes - no additional hardware or software needed. MigrationWiz is a 100% SaaS migration solution so you can complete your migration anytime from anywhere!

Sources and Destinations
Customer Snapshot

Coolhead Tech

Coolhead Tech uses MigrationWiz to help their customer consolidate two separate environments into one G Suite domain after an acquisition.

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Why they selected MigrationWiz:

Quick and easy endpoint configuration
Great product documentation
Ability to move mail and documents concurrently

"Must Have Tool For Email Migration Between Platforms"

"We moved terabytes of data from an old Exchange server to Gmail. The process went smoothly and BitTitan is worth every penny."

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Mailbox Only

  • Mailboxes to Gmail

G Suite Mail & Documents Bundle

  • Mailboxes to Gmail
  • Documents to Google Drive

Featured G Suite MigrationWiz Resources

Featured G Suite MigrationWiz Resources

MigrationWiz Destination: G Suite

Simply and securely migrate mail, documents, and personal archives from nearly any source to Gmail and Google Drive.

Move to G Suite with MigrationWiz

Move to G Suite with MigrationWiz

Fast, secure, and scalable deployments for small business to enterprise

Migrate Mailboxes from Office 365 to G Suite

MigrationWiz Destination: G Suite

Migrate Mailboxes from Office 365 to G Suite

Need to migrate to Microsoft/Office 365?

MigrationWiz supports a wide range of sources and destinations. Learn about how you can migrate mailboxes, documents, and more to Microsoft/Office 365 and Exchange with MigrationWiz.